The problem was so small that I barely noticed; one of those small imperfections that no one would really see unless specifically pointed out. Exhausted from a long day at the office, I let it go – It was just one little shingle that had some damage, again it was essentially unnoticeable, so I assumed that it would not affect anything. I had a basic knowledge on roof repairs, and I knew that keeping a sound roof was the best way to ensure that leaks didn’t poke through, or that an infestation such as mold doesn’t take over. However I decided to let it go until I believed that it was worth the money and time to fix. As the weeks went by, the quality and appearance of my roof decreased; slow at first, then very rapidly. It became quite the eyesore to the neighborhood, but still I put it off to avoid spending what I assumed would be a few hundred dollars on the repairs, we were planning a vacation and I wanted to save for that. Then, we had a storm. It was a Saturday night and we were having family movie night when it happened. WHOOSH – A flood of water came spilling into our living room, ruining our carpet and allowing the outdoor elements inside my home. I called a repair man the next day and received the news I was hoping to avoid. Because I didn’t have that one little shingle fixed, water was able to seep underneath the others and into the wood that was supposed to shelter my home. I needed an entirely new roof, costing me over $6,000 for a problem that started out as a simple fix – Definitely a hard lesson learned! You see, the entire purpose of a roof is to keep your family and home warm, dry, and safe. Keeping the quality of your roof in check tops the list for the most important home repair, so never ignore a problem when you see it. If you happen to notice a shingle is damaged or missing, it is vital that you repair it immediately to keep water from making its way under the existing shingles and rotting away at the wood. This kind of damage will certainly cause leaks in your roof, and will in the long run call for an entirely new roof. Remember that although spending money on those smaller repairs may seem like an annoyance, you are actually saving thousands!